Classic Interview: Raekwon of Wu-tang Clan

The Raekwon event at Varsity theater on Friday night (October 2006) was so laid back, so informal, that I joked to a buddy of mine, Carlos, that I could probably just walk backstage if I had wanted to. Then I decided to give it a shot. Earlier, I had spoken to John, a wu-tang promoter who I knew from my previous run-in with the clan, about possibly hooking up a quick interview. He told me twice that I should contact him after the show and he would see what Rae wanted to do. When I snuck backstage I had almost made it all the way there but was told I needed to brandish a red wristband to verfiy my authorization. So, what ended up happening was when I went over to wait for John by the portal to the backstage, Rae was right behind him on his way out of the building, through a side door at the left of the stage. So I quickly approached Rae and fired off as many questions as I could read from my pad in the darkness.

DRONKMUNK: Hey Raekwon, you mind if I get a quick interview with you? For my website?
Ok, go ahead.
DM: First, can you sign this for me?
Nah, nah, man. You gonna start a whole trend with that.
DM: Alright, I can respect that.
DM: Ok, I have some food questions since you’re the chef.
Ok. DM: During the recording of the "Biters" skit on Cuban Linx, were you guys eating candy?
Nah, man.
DM: Really? Cause it sounds like someone was eating some Mike n' Ikes or something.
DM:Ok, What is your favorite food?
DM: Ok, you mean "fish" as in cocaine, or like actual fish?
DM: What rappers are you really feeling that are doin’ it right now?
Me. Me, myself, and I. That’s it.
DM: So, who are you not really feeling these days?
I ain't likin' nobody.
DM: So, you don’t like any of the new rappers coming out today?
Nah. Well, I’m not impressed by them. They don’t impress me. Say that.
DM: What is your favorite drink?
Hennessy. I’m out. Bye.

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